Security Films

The security films supplied and installed by Prolux can transform your windows from your home’s weakest link to a source of strength. Security films can help to protect your home from break ins and even severe weather conditions.

Our safety window films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together. This reduces the potential for injury from broken glass to the home occupants, whether the glass was broken accidently or on purpose.  Prolux’s films hold the glass together, thus creating a strong barrier and slowing down criminals or making them flee altogether.

Safety Glass Film

The world today seems to be abundant with crime, vandalism, terrorism, natural disasters and everyday accidents. The security and safety films supplied and fitted by Prolux are made with very thick, heavy duty polyester held together by strong adhesives.

These films provide an optically clear yet powerful barrier that will hold glass in place if an impact occurs. For this reason, our security and safety films are ideal for both residential and commercial premises.

Why choose our Security and Safety Glass films?

  1. Protect your house from Criminals and Vandals.
  2. If Impact occurs to your window and the glass is smashed our film will help keep it in place.
  3. ​Protect your house from natural disasters such as severe weather conditions.
prevent smashed windows
smashed window vandalism

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