Anti Glare Film

The installation of anti-glare film can be a huge asset to any company with commercial premises. With your goods on display in your window, you need to count on potential customers being able to see and appreciate them clearly. The main purpose of shop front glass is to provide marketing potential after all!

An issue associated with clear and viewable window displays is the reflection and glare that accompanies glass or acrylic. This glare or reflection reduces your ability to effectively communicate your marketing messages to would be customers. The anti-glare system installed by Prolux will significantly reduce any glare and ensure your display of products is fully visible. Reducing the glare off the window will increase the ability to see through the glass which hopefully in turn will result in new customers visiting your store.

Decorative Film

Prolux offer a collection of decorative designs across our range of films. Whether you are running a fashionable boutique, a cosy café or want to brand your office space, we can offer you a variety of custom made decorative film solutions.

We always have a large stock of designs available to customers, from eye catching florals to breath taking landscapes. If you’re looking for a more bespoke design, we can happily accommodate your needs. Whether you want your company in high resolution on a window film or want something that compliments the colour scheme of your commercial space, we can happily guide you through the process and deliver you with delightful results.

window glare reflection

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